Congratulations to our winners! Watch our video announcement to see who won and view the winning music video!

Available exclusively on iTunes and, M'Kalister Park features catchy songs, bonus tracks, and a special digital booklet.

Fans had an opportunity to create their own music video of the M'kalister Park band and earn awesome Adventures in Odyssey prizes. There's never been a better mix!

It was your chance to hijack The Ceiling Fan, a popular Adventures in Odyssey fan podcast—and win some amazing prizes in the process! We hosted our "Ceiling Fan Fan Hijack" contest—in which you, our talented listeners, impressed us with what you've got! We gave you creative license to produce your own music video.

And now for our winning entry!

"Odyssey Nerd", submitted by Josh and Ally Ko (ages 15 and 13, California)

We judged entries based on creativity, professionalism, and continuity. Use of props, lighting, backdrops, effects, titles and graphics were influential during the judging process.

Our Winners will receive...
We're excited to award our winning contestants with the following Adventures in Odyssey items:

  • Adventures in Odyssey Volume 55: The Deep End (when it becomes available Spring 2012)
  • The Blackgaard Chronicles: The Battle Between Good & Evil Comes Home—features 30 episodes on 10 CDs, plus a behind-the-scenes video with the writers.
  • Plus! A $30 gift certificate for, which contains thousands of Christian products, including Adventures in Odyssey!

Showcase of Entries (in no particular order)

"Tooth Fairy", submitted by Clarissa Lanteigne   ...View video on YouTube

"The Way Back", submitted by Caleb Lenteigne (age 9, California)  ...View video on YouTube

"Rap Battle", submitted by Cameron Lanteigne (age 14, California)   ...View video on YouTube

"Come Back Jimmy", submitted by Alina M. (age 15, Ohio)   ...View video on YouTube

"Good Things", submitted by Drew Killeen, (age 14, Pennsylvania)   ...View video on Vimeo

"The Way Back", submitted by Will L.   ...View video on YouTube

"The E-mail", submitted by Sophie Klomparens, (age 14; Arlington, WA)   ...View video on YouTube

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