We take pride in our characters here at The Ceiling Fan, from the interns serving Ethan his coffee, to the little ones who only make one appearance. We try to add a little character to every situation.

Characters Featured in Odyssey with Ethan Segment

Ethan Daniels
Host, The Ceiling Fan

Ethan Daniels is your typical 15-year-old Adventures in Odyssey fan...meaning he is everything but your typical 15-year-old. When he was younger, his grandmother bought him a kids meal at Chick-fil-A, which contained his first exposure to Adventures in Odyssey. From that moment on, Ethan began proclaiming himself as the biggest fan of the show, or, "the biggest Odyssey fan." At the age of 14, Ethan discovered the avenue of podcasting. He knew that this was the only way he would have the chance to proclaim to the world the truth about his fandom. Ethan is known for his undying crush on longtime Odyssey voice actress Katie Leigh. He also has a tendency to be a bit overbearing. When he grows up, Ethan hopes to be a voice actor and play kids voices on the world's #1 audio drama... Adventures in Odyssey of course!

Phil Jinkus
Host, The Ceiling Fan

Phil is a nice guy, but a very lazy one at that. So lazy, in fact, that he hasn't taken the time to write up a thorough bio for himself, but had Ethan do it instead. That pretty much sums up who he is and everything he stands for. Oh, and he's 24 years old. According to Ethan, "he's the coolest guy ever. He's 24, but acts more like his shoe size than his age. He plays video games and knows about all the 'coolest' comic books, and he almost knows as much about Adventures in Odyssey as I do! He also gets all the free pop and nacho chips he wants from his job at the corner store!"


James Carlisle ("Intern James")

James is actually your typical cool college dude. He's always good for a laugh, and even though he gets into trouble sometimes, he is still a fun guy to hang around. Before college he was a bit different, but hey, weren't we all? James grew up in Ohio, but moved to Shipshewana, Indiana with his family when he was 16. James grew up on Adventures in Odyssey and learned about the show through a Chic-fil-A kids meal he received when he was 8. When he heard about the internship program that The Ceiling Fan offered, he decided to join up with the team to learn a bit more about Odyssey (from the biggest fan, Ethan) and also to nurture his hobbies in audio production. Little did he know what craziness he was headed for, hanging out with this goofy gang.


Intern Aaron Wiley

Aaron and Ethan had been going to the same church for quite a while, but never really hit it off until the Christmas of 2010. Now, He interns for The Ceiling fan, helping out in any way possible. He isn't especially outgoing, except when he's playing music. As a child he used whatever he could find to make a beat. Eventually his family got tired of him pounding on everything and decided to buy him a drum set... and hide that drum set in the attic. Aaron soon became a master of the sticks and helped Ethan and Phil rekindle their love for music through their Odyssey fan band, McAllister Park.


Mrs. Daniels

Ethan's mom has been Ethan's mother for as long as anyone can remember. She gave birth to him in college while working two full time jobs, but loves Ethan in spite of that jerk that ran off to California. She doesn't know a lot about Odyssey, but still loves her son and (at least sometimes) supports him in his podcasting hobby. She's usually just glad to have him out of her hair.


Mr. Carlisle

James' dad works as a big time stage comedian! Or at least, that's what he dreamed of doing as a child, but as time took it's toll on him, he came to the realization that he really wasn't that funny. He now works as an advertising consultant at a small local restaurant, as well as doing freelance work for "The Daily Slinger".

Mrs. Carlisle

James' mom, Carol Carlisle, is just your average house wife and mother. She loves and nurtures her three children during the week  and dominates the bowling alley on the weekends. Having her son recently head off to college was a difficult challenge for her, but being the loving supporting mother that she is, she's happy to see her son getting a good education.

Uncle Bernie

Bernard Rodreguez, posing as Phil's uncle, is the band manager for M'Kalister park. He seems nice enough, but is there more to this guy than meets the ear?

Todd Brown

Todd used to hang around Ethan and Phil back in the early days, but as he grew older, he started hanging out with a different crowd. He committed a few minor crimes and played some harmless pranks. Although there are a variety of rumors floating around about his disappearance from town, none have ever been proven at this point.

Intern "Fred"

Fred only made one appearance in the show, only to complain about not getting on the show. He met an unfortunate end, after jumping out the two story window of Ethan's own home.

"Freezy" the Snowboy

"Freezy" the Snowboy is a character that originally made his debut in some of Kevin's ancient radio productions created only for himself and the few family members that could put up with listening to them. In the Christmas Special of '09 he made an enemy of Ethan when he kept singing his stupid song and wouldn't leave his mom alone. Fortunately, with the help of Phil's "time machine", the guys were able to return to a time before Freezy had been created. We can only hope not to hear from this abominable monstrosity in the future.

Characters Featured in Odyssey News Segment

John Watsenburger

John Watsenburger hosts The CFNN (Ceiling Fan News Network), and has been as such ever since the launch of the show. Some people think that he sounds a bit like one of our producers, but that's obviously just some sort of rumor.


Intern Robert Skeed

Robert was a scrawny high school kid who was in desperate need of some sort of internship to top off his community service hours. But that was over a year ago. Now he seems to be planning on turning this job into a career.

Tom Artichoke

Tom Artichoke is a CFNN veteran. He's been reporting for us since the beginning. For almost 3 years now, Tom has been out standing right in the middle of the action. Always ready to fabricate a story on the most frivolous events, and (as John Watsenburger has said in the past) getting paid way too much.

  Minor News Reporters:
Jimmy Kent - Loren Crisp (Episode 33, 40, 42)
Trish Leslie - Arial Seppela (Episode 4, 11)
Henry Manadu - Mark Jones (Episode 4)
Daniel Withe - Garrett Vandenberg (Episode 35, 36, 37)
Jeffory Sumner - Garrett Vandenberg (Episode 39)
"Tom" - Charlie Roth (the original Tom from episode 1)
"Maria" - Ivanna Gorla (From episode 17)
Hank Conway - Loren Crisp (Episode 21)

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